Madison is a certified doula of Fourth Down Birth & Newborn Care service in Cleveland OH

Certified Birth Doula

Madison Walker

Madison is a birth doula based out of Cleveland Heights, OH. She first took an interest in labor and birth in 2014 after watching the documentary The Business of Being Born and having her perspective change regarding the natural processes of labor and delivery. After a brief foray into the study of midwifery, Madison found herself more drawn to the relational aspect inherent in being a doula, as opposed to more clinical parts of midwifery.

After years of consideration, Madison left her office job in 2022 in order to more fully pursue a career as a birth doula, and is currently certified through both DONA International and BEST. Madison’s philosophy can best be detailed utilizing the acronym EASE: Educate, Advocate, Support, and Empower. She believes the words best used to describe her are empathetic, intuitive, and helpful.

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