Overnight Child Support

Overnight Newborn Care

Overnight Doulas & Newborn Care in Cleveland, OH

Are you a person who doesn’t do well with a lack of sleep? Does your partner travel and you know you will need extra support? Did you just have a baby and are feeling tired and run down? Contact Fourth Down Birth & Newborn Care allow one of our skilled, compassionate doulas to take over for the nights you need. Ranging from one night to multiple nights per week, we are here to give you the rest you need.

Get some rest with our advanced care services

Our teammates support nursing, pumping and formula feedings. Whether Bottle OR Breast, FED IS BEST. One of our certified Postpartum Doulas will be there to answer any questions, and to help establish safe and healthy sleep habits in those early weeks.

How It Works:

  • Our certified Postpartum Doula arrives at your house at the agreed upon time, typically between 9-10pm.
  • We take over all responsibility for your baby so you can get the rest you need. We work a minimum of 8 hours, with most clients requesting between 8-10 hours.
  • At Fourth Down we support ALL Feeding styles. Here is how we support what works best for your family.
    • Exclusively breastfed babies will be brought to your bedside (or an agreed upon area of comfort) for you to nurse. Once your baby finishes nursing, you’re able to get right back to sleep. We will burp, change, and settle the baby back to sleep.
    • Pumping at night, we will retrieve the milk from your specified location at preset times. Store milk, wash and return pump pieces to specified locations so that you are all ready for your next pumping session. Doula will mark all stored milk indicating a night feed with a date and time.
    • Formula feedings- Goodnight & sleep tight! After a brief run down of the day, the Doula will take over all feedings and care of the baby.
  • We do diapers, bottles, burping, and getting your baby back to sleep for you. In the morning we will wash any bottles and/or pumping equipment used that night.
  • Our focus is on maintaining a healthy sleep environment where lights are dimmed and the room is kept quiet while sleeping, and also during baby wake ups and feedings.
  • Our shift typically ends between 6-8am. We will provide you with a schedule of diaper changes, wake ups, bottles and any observations or concerns noticed throughout the night.

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We recommend you inquire about this service in the 2nd or early part of the 3rd trimester so we can best accommodate your schedule and doula preferences. We also recognize that sometimes you aren’t sure exactly what support you need until after birth. In this case, we try to be as flexible as possible with the doulas we have readily available for you.