Olivia is a certified doula of Fourth Down Birth & Newborn Care service in Cleveland OH

Certified Postpartum Doula

Olivia Jenne

Hi! My name is Olivia (Liv) Jenne. I’m 24 years old and I currently live in North Ridgeville, Ohio. Growing up, I lived in Berea and I graduated from Berea-Midpark High School in 2017. I also attended Cuyahoga Community College for 2 years pursuing a degree in Early Childhood Education. In my downtime, I love spending time with my fur babies! I have a golden retriever named Stella and two cats. I also love the outdoors! My partner and I go camping, kayaking, and hiking with our dog as often as we can during those warmer Ohio months.

In 2019, I began working in childcare centers, and I instantly fell in love with the meaningful connections I formed with children and their families. I discovered the joy of being a guiding presence during the early stages of childhood, fostering growth, and witnessing the milestones that shape little ones' lives. Learning about child development and witnessing the profound impact that nurturing care can have on a child’s development truly captivated me.

In 2021, my path took an exciting turn when I was introduced to the world of postpartum support. Recognizing the importance of providing families with the necessary care and guidance during the delicate postpartum period, I decided to become a postpartum doula. Eager to expand my knowledge and skills, I obtained certifications through Birth Arts International and BEST Doula Training, equipping me with the tools to offer compassionate and evidence-based support to families. Patiently guiding families through the postpartum journey is my utmost priority. I believe that every family deserves the opportunity to embrace this exciting time with confidence, and I am dedicated to providing the necessary individualized support for them to do so. Whether it's by offering breastfeeding assistance, helping with newborn care, or simply lending a listening ear, I am here to empower and uplift families.

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